The Sha 3 reservoir of Zhuangxi oil field is characterized by low permeabilityjhigh waxy oil and high reservoir temperature (92~115°C). The wax content of the crude oil is 18~46%, and its your point reaches 21~53 °C. Wax deposition results in various troubles, so that the producers can not work continuously, and the oil production and oil recovery is very low. In order to improve the oil recovery, the cyclic microbial injection-production testing was conducted in 10 wells. Two kinds of microbe were used. One is for controlling the wax, and the other is for treating the gum and bitumen. The preliminary result is satisfactory. Observation includes reduction of wax content and pour point and increment of oil production and light components of the crude oil. As a result, the power consumption and troubles decreased obviously. This paper introduces the well selection.field tests, observations and the results.

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