This paper presents the development of water plugging technology under such situation that the number of casing damage well increases continuously and overall water cut goes up year by year with the extension of production time in XingBei oilfield. Its main contents are as follows.

  • Internal thick oil layer chemical water-plugging technology which aims at tapping the potential of remaining oil in the internal thick oil layer.

  • Pay zone group mechanical subdivision water-plugging technology that aims at liberating the plugged layer accompanied.

  • Small diameter mechanical fine water plugging technology which aims at tapping the potential of casing damage well with a diameter more than • 95mm.

  • Layer adjustable mechanical water-plugging technology to simplify the operation procedure. Thus, a set of matching water-plugging technology according to different state of well and property of pay zones’ development is formed. Meanwhile, the field application results and adaptability of all water-plugging technology are evaluated, which makes it clear what is key problem to fine water plugging in the future of oil field. And also the prediction of the prospect and potential of water plugging technology in popularization and application.

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