After the success of polymer flooding field tests in the north of Daqing oil field, commercial applications have been conducting, and remarkable technical and economic results have been obtained. In contrast to north area of oil field, XF has characteristics of low permeability differences, lower heterogeneity, lighter oil, and higher recovery by water flooding. In the late developing period of such high water-bearing layers, in order to study results of polymer flooding, polymer flooding field test has been conducted in the central part of Xing-Five area of south of oil field.

The pilot area is composed of 4 anti-five point well patterns which consists of 4 injectors, 9 producers. The distance between injector and producer is 200m, the total area is 0.31km2. This test be gins in 9,1995, cumulative polymer injection volume has reached 748.8mg/L PV by the end of 2,1999. Central producer in pilot area begins to respond when 128mg/L• PV polymer is injected, water cut drops to the minimum of 46.9%; compared with water cut of water flooding, it has decrease by 49.1%. Up to now, cumulative oil production has reached 2.83×104t, cumulative oil increase is 2.07×104t, that is equivalent to an incremental recovery of 13.6%OOIP.

Performance characteristics of field test differ from the north, which reflects in terms of late producers response in the south, late polymer production, low concentration of producing polymer at the same polymer injection volume. It can mainly attribute to relative weak heterogeneity in oil reservoir, relative uniform propagation of polymer, and enlarged swept volume.

Results of field tests show polymer flooding is economically and technically feasible in the relative homogeneous thick reservoir.

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