A new numerical simulation of single well reservoir model with fractal concept has been successfully developed in this study. The mathematical equations in which fractal dimension is explicity included have been formulated numerically for the radial three-phase flow (oil, gas and water) using a cylindrical coordinate system. By these new formulations, a radial multiphase flow in naturally fracture reservoir was modeled by assuming that all storage capacity in the rock system is merely due to fractures. The formulations of this model were then solved numerically by implementing the IMPES solution technique.

The model developed had been validated with the analytical model of single phase flow in radial system developed by Aprilian (SPE # 26465, 1993). In all cases, comparisons of these two models had shown similar results.

Using this new model, reservoir performance prediction of single well reservoir models had been performed with various cases and fractal dimensions. In this particular cases, the resulting performances of several hypothetical reservoirs with various fractal dimensions were then correlated to generate new type curve models. These type curves can be used for estimating fractal dimension of a reservoir.

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