Current dual injector completion strategies in Duri Steamflood (DSF) allow separate steam injection into the Pertama and Kedua sands. The Pertama sand has about three to five layers and the Kedua sand has two or three. Each of the layers in the respective sands has contrasting rock properties where the permeability varies from 400 md to as high as 7000 md. Commingled steam injection into layers with large differences in permeability often creates a non-uniform steam distribution between the layers. This paper discusses the potential benefit of dual injectors based on splitting high and low permeability layers rather than upper and lower sands. This is achieved by cementing two tubing strings and utilizing oriented perforation technique. Simulation was used to investigate the difference in terms of oil recovery for the current dual injector completion technique, separate Pertama and Kedua sands, and the dual tubingless completion technique, separate high and low permeability layers. Four different cases were examined. Separation based on high and low permeability layers instead of Pertama and Kedua sand increase oil recovery by as much as 5%

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