Zaloni Barail Second Sand (Well 27 Block) reservoir in Zaloni oilfield was discovered in 1957. For pressure maintenance, peripheral water injection was initiated by injecting water into the acquifer in 1973. Polymer flood project was undertaken in this reservoir in December 1975, which was a relatively new concept at that point of time, especially taking into account the depth of occurance (around 2650 metres) of hydrocarbon accumulation.

The current recovery from the reservoir is estimated to be around 42% of oil originally-in-place. In order to increase ultimate oil recovery, comprehemsive multi-disciplinary integrated studies were carried out in 2003 to re-define opportunities. Subsequently, an infill well drilled in this reservoir in July 2004 produced around 45 m3/day almost clean oil. Positive result obtained from the successful tapping of undrained / unswept oil in the reservoir, thus extending its producing life, has encouraged drilling of additional infill wells not only in this reservoir, but also in select undrained areas nearby.

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