Oil productivity from Mumbai High field, an offshore multilayered carbonate reservoir, increased significantly through implementation of a major redevelopment programme. High technology drilling viz. horizontal/ multilaterals for the new development wells was adopted on field scale to effectively address typical complexity of the layered carbonate reservoirs. Since the commencement of the project in 2000, around 140 new wells were drilled, mostly with horizontal and multilateral drain holes. Besides these, more than 70 sub-optimal producers were also converted as horizontal sidetracks under brown field development. The horizontal sidetracks were drilled as long drift sidetrack (LDST), LDST-ERD, short drift sidetrack (SDST) and medium radius drain hole (MRDH) type of wells through application of innovative and emerging drilling technologies with non-damaging drilling fluids, whipstocks to kick off sidetrack wells, rotary steering systems, expandable tubulars to complete horizontal sidetracks in lower layers etc. With the implementation of this project, the declining trend was fully arrested and a significant upward trend in production could be established.

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