Knowledge of a well-constrained geomechanical model provides valuable information for designing development wells more efficiently for drilling and completion in a mature gas field. This paper presents results of a recent geomechanical analysis designed to evaluate reservoir and overburden rock behavior in order to drill horizontal wells in Badak field, VICO Indonesia’s largest gas fields.

During development of the geomechanical model, an enormous effort focused on maximizing the use of available information from all the Badak wells in the field. Data included open hole logs, core data, pore pressure data, minifrac data, high-resolution image logs, previous drilling experiences and regional studies. The synthesis of this data resulted in a well-constrained geomechanical model that could explain the previously unsuccessful and problematic horizontal and vertical wells; but more importantly, it provided the needed information to predict well performances for future designs that minimize the risks associated with future horizontal wells. VICO has implemented this geomechanical approach to designing and drilling wells as part of VICO’s low permeability development program. A deep horizontal well has successfully drilled to the main target using geomechanical modeling information.

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