The industrial test study on ASP-flooding in the middle part of Xinger area of Daqing oilfield is based on a lot of laboratory[1] and numerical simulation studies.By optimizing formulations, the chemical usage in the ASP system reduces significantly, surfactant, polymer, and alkli decrease by one third,nearly one second,and one sixth respectively,with 1.47×108 RMB being saved only for the chemicals. The variation regularity of the ASP-flooding performance is analyzed preliminarily by combining the injection-production profile, the concentration of the produced chemicals,the produced concentration of various ions,and the performance variation (such as the daily fluid production rate,oil production rate and water cut) in the test area with the accurately geological study.At present,the obvious response to increasing oil and decreasing water cut is seen in the test area,0.22PV ASP system has been injected in the whole test area,and the oil displacement response is seen in 19 producers.The oil displacement response is seen in all 9 central producers,the daily oil production rate increases from 25t before resonse to 148t,and the daily incremental oil production rate is 123t.The comprehensive water cut decrease from 96.3% before response to 69.9%,decreasing by 26.4 percentage points.The extext of water cut decrease is above 30 percentage points in 5 producers,among which the largest extent is up to 56.9 percentage points.Now,the performance response of the central well area is basically in agreament with the results prediced by the numerical simulation,expecting that the ASP-flooding oil recovery can be 21.52%(OOIP) higher than the waterflooding.

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