The Seria Field is the largest oil field in Negara Brunei Darussalam. It straddles the coastline of Brunei about 120 km west from the capital Bandar Seri Begawan.

This paper discusses the novel application of Limited Entry Fractured Water Injection in two reservoirs in the Seria field as part of a larger implementation of secondary recovery and future efforts to increase economic oil production and ultimate recovery in the Seria field.

In 1999 a Produced Water Re-Injection (PWRI) Project was launched in Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) to re-use the produced water for re-pressurizing some of the depleted reservoirs of the Seria field. After having screened more than 400 reservoirs, it was decided to implement the PWRI pressure maintenance scheme as a first phase in two reservoir blocks. The paper will describe the implementation of the two pressure maintenance projects focusing on the completion of the water injectors. In describing the project the authors address the advantages and disadvantages of fractured injection compared to matrix injection and it’s impact on required surface facilities. A pseudo-three dimensional fracture propagation simulator has been used to evaluate the optimum fracture design for the injection wells. The simulation results show the advantages of a multi-frac design like smaller fracture dimensions, earlier pressure support of all layers, superior profile control, lower capital costs, and increased cumulative injection potential. Various completion options for the water injectors have been reviewed and the selected limited entry fractured water injection design described. Closing the paper the author describe the monitoring and surveillance program for the conformance control and fracture containment.

The presented novel completion design has the potential to revolutionize the completion of water injectors and the application of PWRI in general for water flooding projects.

The presented novel PWRI completion design is in the implementation stage and first results are expected in 2004.

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