There are many techniques beyond standard seismic interpretation that can help optimise and direct improved oil recovery. Firstly, an integrated approach involving a multi-scale analysis of petrography, image log analysis, seismic facies studies, petrophysics, AVO forward modeling and seismic inversion aid understanding the depositional system, burial history, diagenesis, deformation and fluid movement history of the reservoir. The resulting reservoir geometry and properties are used as direct input to a detailed static model, which is used to plan development activities in an optimum way. 4D forward modeling tied to dynamic modeling is used to test development scenarios and select optimum bore locations to help maximize production efficiency. A key element in ensuring the applicability of such work is the rock property constraints employed. A consistent methodology for deriving calibrated rock properties for such work is described. Examples of such an approach are given from several fields in Sabah where a variety of production challenges are encountered.

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