In order to meet the challenge faced by PETRONAS Carigali's recent accelerated growth, an Integrated Technology Solution (ITS) was developed to optimise and stream-line key business elements of data, process, technology and people development. The Data Ownership and Management initiative emphasized on the project team members’ ownership of the data as key corporate assets and set the proper policies and procedures for handling, storing and retrieval of data and information. The Process Optimisation initiative, delivered an optimised and collaborative road map for the project team to select the optimum route to produce the Field Development Plan (FDP), while defining standards for the deliverables, milestones for validation and peer reviews. The Technology Mastery initiative provided a framework for a structured and self-driven development of the project team members. This ITS program is a step forward towards a knowledge enabled learning organisation where skilled knowledge workers use readily available, clean and validated data and information, through optimised and collaborative processes that leverage on state-of-the-art technologies to increase hydrocarbon reserves and company profitability.

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