Innovative sensing technologies allow direct detection and quantification of oil and gas in multiphase flows. Similar to its sibling electrical probes, the new optical sensor has four probes. The probes are evenly spaced in the pipe cross section on the arms of a centralizer-like tool. The probes orientation in space is monitored through the use of an integrated relative bearing sensor. Image of the gas flow in the well bore is then generated from the measurements of the individual sensor.

Although electrical probes have been available in the industry for several years, its collocation with the full-bore spinner's cage is relatively new to the industry. In the threephase flow environment, the electrical probe gives water and hydrocarbon holdups.

The case examples presented in this paper illustrate the first application of tandem optical and electrical probes in Asia. Operational and interpretation aspects of the surveys in 2 subhorizontal oil wells are discussed in the paper.

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