Effective sand control has long been a concern within unconsolidated sandstone formation in the Attaka Oil field in East Kalimantan. Many of the producing wells have stopped production due to the influx of formation sand. These wells have low rate marginal reserves, which cannot economically justify re-completion with conventional gravel packing techniques.

Two Thru-Tubing Gravel Pack (TTGP) completion methods utilizing 1.5" Coiled Tubing (CT) were introduced in Attaka Field with selective based on the wellbore configuration. These techniques utilize methods transferred from Unocal's Gulf of Mexico operations. The first method is a Pack-off Method with gravel pack screen and packoff assembly for use in the monobore completion. The second method is a vent screen utilizing a mechanical plug back tool (MPBT) that can be run through 3-1/2" production tubing into 7" casing.1  The sand retention performance after the TTGP completions have been exemplary. Production tests show an increase in net production rate that is in line with inflow calculations. This paper reviews the job design, operational procedure and observed results of these two successful TTGP methods in the Attaka field. Six case histories and conclusions from the overall results are also presented.

A newly developed visco-elastic surfactant-based (VES) polymer-free fluid was used as the gravel carrier fluid. Rheology, fluid loss and gravel settling data are presented.

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