In February 2000 BSP drilled and completed its first internal gas injector in the SW Ampa Block 11 field. Well SWA-285 causes deliberate crossflow of gas from the deep AW/AX gas reservoirs into the gas caps of the overlying AV oil reservoirs (Fig 1). The result is a pressure maintenance scheme that does not require any surface facilities. New production technologies employed (including long openhole gravel pack, surface-controlled interval control and lubricator valves and permanent downhole gauges) allow both control and monitoring of the downhole gas injection scheme. After 17 months of injection, the increase in AV reservoir pressure recorded in a number of observation wells and the favorable production from downdip wells in both easten and western flanks have confirmed that the internal gas injection is yielding the desired results. As a consequence of these encouraging results, a downdip horizontal well was recently drilled to capture the benefits of the first internal gas injector. In addition, a second internal gas injection was recently drilled in an adjacent block (Fig 2).

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