This paper presents a study of a gas re-injection project, designed with the dual objectives of emissions reduction and enhanced oil recovery in an Australian offshore oil field. A significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions has been achieved since the project commenced late in 1999, with some 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided in year 2000 alone. Miscible displacement is expected to add around 6 million barrels to ultimate recovery from the Corallina reservoir, and use of stored gas as fuel is expected to achieve significant reductions in operational expenditure later in field life.

Gas injection for the purposes of enhancing oil recovery has been common oilfield practice for several decades. Many technical papers have been written on this subject, from both theoretical and practical points of view. Projects that focus exclusively on greenhouse gas control (either by sequestration or emission reduction) are less common, although the level of research is rapidly increasing as environmental awareness spreads throughout the industry. The Laminaria / Corallina gas re-injection project is designed to achieve both objectives.

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