It is a common practice in most of the company to put safety as first priority on their activities. It becomes commitment to ensure the safe workplace and behavior of its personnel as part of its culture. Many programs created to build behavior of personnel and familiarize company rules, law, and habit on taking consideration during work and daily life. In Eni Indonesia, the program developed by using the philosophy of ‘5 senses to know safety’ which are hear, see, speak, feel, and think, as a concept of participation and interaction of personnel.

This paper will describe the new approach on how company developing the culture by strengthening the value of participation and interaction as part of the program. The concept is created to achieve good safety behavior of the worker (both operative site and office) as part of the journey to operational excellence. Review on literatures starts defining the right approach on how human perspective could be driven to meet company expectation on safety. It will become basis to create the program where worker may participate and take the value of the program as part of their habitual behavior.

In the concept of building behavior, there are several elements to be established by the company. Strong basis on safe design (engineering approach), management system, and human performance which becomes framework on how safety culture is managed. As part of the journey to operation excellence, human behavior is one of the important aspects where it becomes common causal of the accident during work. Observation on several sample of worker at office and operative-site, indicates that different perception of people on seeing the safety matters lead to the different participation level on safety programs.

Participation and interaction becomes one of the key that will bring worker perception on valuing safety as part of their core and changing paradigm on ‘do because I must do’ to ‘do because I need to do’. Company develop program where the positive approach is used. It is in form of HSE League where all elements of the company must participate as part of their performance objectives. The competition is held to gain personnel feelings by doing and create new sense of ownership on safety. It results the increase of participation of personnel before and after the program. It indicates the participation can be raised by having strong commitment of management, consistency, engagement, repetitive program, interesting, and recognition to all participant.

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