A wellness program is a program to encourage and help our employees implement active and healthy lifestyle to achieve some targeted health parameters. Based on our company data, most of non-work-related fatalities (87%) are caused by cardiac event. Fight to be Fit wellness program will play major role to prevent more cardiac event in the workplace and make healthier and more productive workforce.

Methods, Procedures, Process

The program is set for 6 months from May 1st up to Oct 31st, 2017 and is designed on voluntary basis. The participant forms a group consist of 4 people. The committee provide the participant regular educational class such as coaching class/health session/seminar done by expert and group/one on one counselling session related with wellness, sports, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer to increase participant’s health awareness. The committee also support many physical activities such as group and self-physical activities, sport event collaboration with company sports club, and sports Olympic program to facilitate participant’s exercise. Baseline body weight and waist circumference is taken at beginning of the program and regularly monitored on monthly basis. Participant is required to record the physical activities into an online logbook to get the score. The total score is calculated from attending educational classes, doing physical activities, current BMI, current waist circumference, and ability to stop smoking.


One thousand six hundred and seventy-six participants or 35% of total employee join the program. 116 direct coaching classes/health talks and 273 instructor led exercises are conducted during the program. At the end of the program, participant can achieve 1,845 kg total body weight reduction and 3,483 cm waist circumferences reduction in total. In addition, there are 35 employees who manage to stop smoking at the end of the program.


Fight to be Fit wellness program can help participant to be healthier and more productive. It is important to drive participant behavior change to maintain and do healthy lifestyle continuously.

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