According to the requirements of key external stakeholders which consists of mother company, government agency, Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) 56-1, Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), Carbon Discloser Project (CDP), International Oil and Gas Producer (IOGP) and partners as well as internal PTTEP requirements such as SSHE policy, sustainability report, environmentally operational and monitoring controls consequently all related environmental data shall be collected, calculated, analyzed and reported. Corporate Safety Security Health and Environment (SSHE) initially developed and implemented the Environmental Performance Reporting System (EPRS) for all operating assets and official issued the Environmental Performance Reporting (EPR) Procedure in the later time

At the beginning the environmental data were manually consolidated, calculated, summarized and reported through excel spreadsheet format and input into mother company SSHE Performance Database by each assigned asset representative. Pain points from users which were 1) Working with number of excel spreadsheets; 2) Wasting time with duplicate data input, email notification and comfirmation process; 3) Using of invalid factors or coefficient; 4) Lacking of data security control; 5) Unspecified of role and responsibility for report preparation, review and approval; and 6) Limiting of storage space of individual computer were often raised and discussed.

To solve all pain points above, the development of EPRS was brought into the consideration. The goal was to establish an effective and efficient reporting system that is user-friendly, easily accessible, permanent database storage, calculate the output and provides summarized data. Initially, the purchasing of additional functions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software was contacted to propose the quotation. The quotation with huge cost was proposed for developing the EPRS. Due to oil price crisis PTTEP promoted an encouraged the save to be safe program. Consequently In-house development of Web-based EPRS application has been initiated and innovated in order to solve and close out all pain points raised by relevant parties.

The development of application with supporting by company group digital team has been completed and Go-Live in September 2018. The functions provided in application cover the generation of asset environmental performance report, analysis report as well as system synchronization. Furthermore the application helps reducing man-hour of projects and corporate personnel that equivalent to save budget of 46,200 USD per year.

Finally this paper indicates how technology with innovation can be used to reduce double works and improve the quality of reporting in terms of completeness, consistency, accuracy as well as monitor the environmental performance. This system serves as the foundation for efficient and consistent reporting processes, which are essential for encouraging a culture of commitment to sustainable development.

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