The study was carried out with the financial support of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists - candidates of science (MK- 6409.2018.6). The extraction of oil, gas and other natural resources is carried out in the extreme natural and climatic conditions of the Far North and the Arctic, which causes additional difficulties in their development and ensuring the safety of the production process. People adapt differently to such conditions in different ways, which makes it necessary to take this into account when building a personnel management and labor protection system. The research aim is the development and approbation of technologies for the development of psychological readiness for shift work in the Arctic conditions for students of the Higher School of Energy, Oil and Gas to improve their adaptability, efficiency, safety and satisfaction with their work.

As methods, there were psychological training and active forms of training, as well as questionnaires, interviews and psychological testing of students. The result of this work is the developed and approved program of trainings of students of the Higher School of Energy, Oil and Gas to improve their psychological competencies. Our presentation will show the experience of training both young specialists working on the oil and gas fields, as well as students of the senior courses for a number of psychological competencies. These include: the ability to solve complex and non-standard situations during the shift period (not only professional, but also household), the development of stress resistance, increased communication skills, a change in attitude towards one's activities, increased responsibility for safety at production facilities, etc. All technologies are presented in the form of trainings and practical exercises. The presentation will also present a project for the implementation of an out- of-school scientific and practical school for students "Work on the Shift: Success and Health".

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