By right, Occupational Health and Wellness should work in tandem but in reality, it is not always the case. Wellness which is defined as an active process of becoming aware of and making the right choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life should be one of key Occupational Health strategies, mainly from the perspective of personal risk management and prevention of ill health. As an example, a Wellness initiative at the workplace such as a weight loss program is often challenged as encroaching workers’ personal domain, although obesity is the key consideration of fitness to work for certain job specific group such as offshore workers. In addition, the impact of wellness initiatives is classically "stigmatized" as intangible, non-measurable and not sustainable thus making the efforts to convince and get buy-in from various stakeholders challenging.

This paper aims to describe an initiative that leverages on digital technology to improve health management by bridging Occupational Health and Wellness elements from prespective of health assessment and data management. Creation of a "user friendly" health assessment system, likely will contribute a significant role in driving a sustainable culture of health at the workplace.

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