Management of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study and information for long period and complicated operation is one of challenge in brown field operation, an application to establish an efficient and effective tool for communication and monitoring can assist involved parties in the process to acquire the consistence data for appropriated management. The scope of application comprised of the e-database of huge numbers EIA reports, tracking & monitoring system, available EIA laws, regulations, knowledge management and EIA information checklists for that data management.

Regulation of Thailand on EIA report and study as well as users’ requirements are gathered for term of reference and basic criteria on web-based structuring design. That design framework was prepared by IT and Digital team and presented to users for feedback, recommendation and integrating for further development. Once the application is completed and finalized, the rollout is deployed to all action parties to be aware of the function-abilities and further actions required.

The function ability of EIA Data Base is composed of 1) e-Database: the data migration of reports is systematically kept in SharePoint with searching tool function. 2) Tracking System: the key information which potentially deviate will be extracted and input in the application. 3) Service Request with EIA Information Required Checklist. This application is a single channel or platform of all EIA matters for data consistency with tracking system to notify appropriated action. In addition, storage of e-EIA database in this application can prevent the loss of document and reduce environment impact by the paperless system of digital information.

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