Integrity management of assets has become a major issue for oil & gas contractors. Despite regular inspections and numerous safety procedures, failure events are still regularly reported from fields. Consequences are generally limited however; the risk of catastrophic events is still high whereas new systems could be easily put in place for reasonable pricing and without impacts on operations. This paper presents an innovative solution based on combination of traditional vibration measurements and wireless technology that helps operator to get an accurate health status of operating installation.

Vibration and temperature sensors can periodically and autonomously provide measurements to a condition-based maintenance software. By eliminating the wiring constraints, critical machinery located on difficult or dangerous access areas can now be instrumented and monitored easily. Wireless technology allows users to hold off the risk of rotating parts or hot spots by limitation of interventions. Condition based maintenance (CBM) techniques such as vibration analysis allows detection of suspect mechanical behaviors at the earliest possible stages for the best mitigation strategy.

This paper presents the demonstrator of such solution which has been deployed within industrial harsh environment. Ship machineries have been equipped with a complete and fully autonomous system. As an example some pumps have been monitored during a 6 weeks sea campaign. This pilot-test has demonstrated efficiency of such system and readiness of wireless technology for surveillance applications. The chosen application of shipping industry is particularly representative of harsh environment constraints as well as difficult access. Furthermore, quick installation and easy set-up of the entire system is compatible of operation constraints of commercial ships in service.

As an outcome of this experimentation, vibration and temperature measurement have been recorded over time. Smartly computed, this type of information provides at a glance to the operator a very accurate health status of critical components like bearings, gears, unbalance, misalignment… Overall behavior and tendencies have been displayed and shared with the operator. Compatibility of the proposed solution with operator expectation has been validated. Featuring of overall overview with color indicators (Green/yellow/red) is especially appreciated.

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