An approach to develop the minimum training module requirement for training providers to conduct basic onshore safety & emergency. The purpose of the training is to provide induction in basic safety and emergency awareness for personnel working at remote locations of Malaysia onshore upstream activities. Unfamiliarity to the unique nature of Malaysian tropical forest and its hazards to personnel in upstream onshore activities (exploration, drilling or production), require a specific module for basic safety training to fit with the Malaysian onshore upstream environment. The challenges in developing the minimum training module requirement includes the unavailability of requirement/guidelines/standard, training module and centers as well as governance in place to ensure sustainable implementation.


A task force consist of experts was established to develop the guideline on the minimum training module. The essential elements in the minimum module includes basic onshore safety, basic jungle safety, first aid, self-rescue and basic jungle and river survival. Practical trainings of the essential elements was also designed. In collaboration with a training center, pilot study was conducted. The training center has developed the training module including the practical training based on the minimum requirement. Participants was selected to undergo trial session of the new training program. 2 trial sessions was conducted prior to finalization of the minimum training module requirement.


PETRONAS Basic Onshore Safety & Emergency Training Module Requirements for Personnel Working at Remote Locations of Malaysia Onshore Upstream was rolled out in December. The medical fitness assessment requirements and identification of risk group that shall be required to undergo the training was also developed. Audit tools and approval system to be use in assessing potential training provider was established. A training provider has been assessed and approved as PETRONAS Basic Onshore Safety and Emergency Training Course.


Developing an induction requirement for safety and emergency as preparation prior to executing onshore upstream oil and gas activities at remote locations in the unique Malaysian tropical environment.

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