An approach to establish an effective HSE culture on a previously inactive jack-up rig contracted for a one well drilling program proved successful in achieving the campaign HSE targets. The challenges were remote location, crews were unfamiliar with each other much less with the service company's personnel and unfamiliarity with the rig equipment. In addition, the operator's shore based team did not have previous experience in Crew Resource Management (CRM) approach.

A CRM approach in tandem with an iterative job planning and execution strategy based on Deming's Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle was utilized. Personnel with extensive hands on experience in this aspect were mobilized to the rig to provide coaching on board covering all personnel. Coach's observations were shared daily with head office and performance metrics were monitored to gauge performance to identify area of focus for coaching. A weekly debrief with the shore based management team on progress was also carried out.

The effectiveness of this approach was assessed with previously employed CRM used on working rigs on long term contracts as well as rigs on a one well contract. The coaching commenced after the rig was already in operations and the change in HSE culture could be compared to the culture after CRM approach was implemented. Results showed that the approach used in this campaign resulted in significant improvement in the performance metrics that were monitored. In addition, in a matter of six weeks, significant improvements were observed on non-technical skills as a leading indicator. Participation by all on board the rig with strong support from shore based and head office management of the operator and drilling contractor were key to the success of the program

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