Product stewardship has developed progressively into a social license to operate expectation from consumers and businesses alike in today's chemical industry. This trend has been reinforced by governing authorities with the introduction of increasing number and complexity of chemical regulations which shifts added responsibility to industry to manage product supply chains in a more sustainable fashion. This has no exemptions to the oil and gas industry which calls for the embedment of product safety, product regulatory compliance and the overarching product stewardship agenda into the core of a product's value chain at every life cycle stage. This paper gives a brief overview of major emerging regulations in the Asia Pacific region relevant to industry and examines the impact of these regulations towards a product's supply and value chain. This paper also highlights the prospects for early adopters to transform the perceived burden of compliance into strategic opportunities to enhance product stewardship performance as well as secure long term access to markets by adapting key areas in the product's supply chain as well as leveraging supply chain intelligence. This is with the goal of implementing structured data driven approach or "data to decision" frameworks in securing existing product market access and bringing new products into target markets thereby reducing "time to market" from a product regulatory compliance stand point as well as adequately managing product HSE risks systematically.

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