There are numerous offshore installation sites drilling for oil and gas within Malaysian Coastal Waters. The population of each offshore installation are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, some of which are trivial, some others require medical prescription medication and of course some which require further medical evaluation on shore.


To determine the prevalence of premature disembarkations in Malaysian Offshore Installations due to illness and work related injuries.


A cross sectional study was conducted to study the prevalence of premature disembarkation due to illness, work related injuries in Malaysian Offshore installations. The study involved 380 respondents who were selected through convenient sampling. The respondents comprised of workers from twenty offshore installations located in Malaysian waters. Data collection was through notification of case medical information forms which were filled out by the paramedic aboard the offshore installation. Individual patient medical history, socio-demographic, type of illness and escalation of cases to the medical director were studied.


This study found that the 12 months prevalence of premature disembarkation in Malaysian offshore installations due to illness and work related injuries was significant at 39%. The medical condition reported was about predominantly illness cases (90.8%) and only a smaller number (9.2%) were injuries. However 60% of the injuries were prematurely disembarked as compared to 27.7% of illness being disembarked. Injuries were more prevalent than illness in the cause for premature disembarkations.

Malaysians were also significantly found to be more frequently prematurely disembarked.

Cardiac conditions were significantly the most likely cause for a premature disembarkation due to an illness.


The prevalence of premature disembarkations in medically ill or injured offshore installation population was 39%, which were divided to urgent premature disembarkations being 15% and non urgent premature disembarkations being 25%

Looking at only the premature disembarkations, 36.5% were urgent premature disembarkations and 63.5% were non urgent disembarkations.

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