Oil and gas business which is typically complex, diversified and high risk requires more standardized, comprehensive and updated approach to manage its safety and health risks in order to safeguard and protect the safety and health of its employees. An incident in petrochemical plant for example may result in single or multiple casualties leading to severe consequences such as burn and fatalities. A well plan, robust, effective and timely medical emergency response (MER) is an essential requirement for the recovery measures to save life and minimize the magnitude of any injury or acute illness, should the control measures fail.

Several factors may affect medical emergency response efficiency such as geographical distances, availability of transportation options and its infrastructure, communication, weather, and security. PETRONAS applies 4-stage Medical Emergency Response including ALARP at all installations under its operational control, including all phases of work activities and projects. Situational analysis is being emphasized to be performed at individual worksite to assist in the development of Site Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) and determine its effectiveness. When any of PETRONAS facilities cannot reasonably meet the MER response times, a MER Risk Assessment is performed for the particular worksite to justify a formulation of new MER stage response and recommend appropriate risk mitigation measures to ensure that the risks are kept As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

This paper aims to share PETRONAS perspective in managing medical emergencies due to injury or acute illness at its work location through development of Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP). This includes situational analysis, MER risk assessment, mass casualty management and medical evacuation. It also highlights the establishment of MERP at PETRONAS complexes that is effectively managed through an integrated approach utilizing common and updated facilities and procedure.

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