An approach to established governance in respirator fit testing for Malaysia Upstream, where previously the practice were inconsistently meeting regulatory expectation. Base on survey conducted, small number of the upstream operators/service providers has a program in place and number of the respirator user that had undergone the periodic fit test were extremely low. The challenges in establishing the governance were unfamiliarity of the industry on the respiratory fit testing objectives and requirements, unavailability of specific guidelines and scarcity of competent fit tester in Malaysia which are also common challenges across the other industries in Malaysia.


PETRONAS Guidelines For Respirator Fit Testing Programme for Upstream Oil and Gas in Malaysia which served as the main governance document, was established through (1) benchmarking of standards and methods, (2) stakeholders and experts input and (3) practicality of implementation in Malaysia. The establishment of the MPM Respiratory Fit Testing Advisory Panel serve as to provide strategic outlook on the respirator fit testing program in Malaysia including growth and continuous development of competent fit tester. Process for application, appointment and assurance was established to maintain the minimum standard for MPM Approved Fit Tester. Communication and promotion campaign was conducted to reach the potential service and training providers as to increase the number of competent fit tester.


The governance guideline had obtain recognition by Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) to be implemented in the Upstream Malaysia. Six month after the enforcement date of the guideline, a total of more than 3000 workers has undergo fit testing. As to date, the number of MPM Approved Fit Tester has grown to 82and increasing, to meet the demand of the periodic fit testing.


A comprehensive approach for solution on HSE governance begin with situational assessment, benchmarking, to solution for system and mechanism for successful and sustainable respirator fit testing program in Upstream Malaysia.

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