CNPC has undertaken several giant oilfields between Iran and Iraq border including N. Azadegan, S. Azadegan, Halfaya and Rumaila for oil development. As a result of an extended investigation and evaluation of existing risks, personnel safety should be given prority and countermeasures are discussed on the basis of dozens of years’ operation experiences.

The HSSE challenges of those fields are many: a lot of unexploded ordnance were littered along the border as a result of Iran-Iraq war, so huge costs and longer construction duration for cleaning them prior to develop the oilfield; potential risks of war and terrorist attack always exist in Iraq as one of project managers was attacked by roadside bomb and one employee was kindnapped according to Media reported; sensitive wetland might be polluted by waste water/oil, drilling cutting, residual acid while local authorities have the strictest environment protection.

This paper will focus on some causes of HSSE accidents such as lack of balance between fast operation and process safety, unsafe behavior. Furthermore, more HSSE management measures are provided: (1) Three Specialized Grand HSSE principles of CNPC have been established from the beginning of oilfield development. Grand Security is the foundation of HSSE; Grand Logistics is the safeguard of HSSE and Grand Harmony is the necessity of HSSE. Among of which impregnable fortress and safe camp are built, centralized management of logistics and accommodations for both Companies and all Contractors on basis of each project; the tri-sector partnership between the consortium, civil society and the government is established as one consortium for a harmony local community. (2) Emergency Plan for evacuation is submitted, meanwhile, some cases are introduced. (3) "Zero discharge and Zero pollution" scheme is addressed hereby. In sum, "Safety first" culture is established on the critical plan to meet development target of each oilfield.

According to successful HSSE management, accident frequencies have been decreased sharply and nobody hurt in terms of terrorist attack. The intent of this paper is to share HSSE experiences and learning that may enable future safe operations in the oilfield between Iran and Iraq border, to avoid some of the operation and safe pitfalls.

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