Oil & gas super majors spend extensive resources to develop and execute asset integrity, health, safety, environmental and social management systems to drive better business performance in their day to day operations. In addition, the same companies have invested extensive resources to successfully deliver large capital projects into their operating business units. However, the management systems associated with the capital project delivery is often not aligned with the business unit systems. In many cases the projects are executed in isolation from the operating business until the project is ready to "turn over the keys" of the new asset to the operating business. This miss alignment results in, at best, time consuming and inefficient transition of a capital project into an operating business unit. At worst, the lack of alignment can result in costly rework of operating systems related to the new operating facility as well as increased risk of incidents during transition and ultimate operations. This extended abstract will address how to transition a project’s compliance and risk management obligations and assurance activities during the period of hand-over to the operating business, in order to provide more confidence around the project’s successful integration into the operating business. Specifically this extended abstract will address:

  • Importance of transition to project and operational success

  • Review of health, safety, social and environmental (HSSE) and risk management systems for projects

  • Planning for project transition to operations

  • Mechanics of project transition to operations

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