The list of 13 fabrication site hazardous activities has been derived from focusing on the areas where significant incidents or near misses with fatality potential have occurred, while also taking into account existing safety practices common within the industry. Analysis of 10 years of IOGP incident data validated the final selection of the recommended practices by the IOGP Task Force. The IOGP Fabrication Site Construction Safety (FSCS) Recommended Practices document will provide standardized minimum requirements for addressing safety risks associated with the 13 listed hazardous activities, as well as a general section that addresses site-wide requirements. The objective of the FSCS Recommended Practices is to support the use of fabrication site specific construction practices that meet or exceed the requirements of the IOGP Recommended Practices, independently of the customer.

This paper uses the on-going development of the IOGP FSCS Recommended Practices as a case study on how to drive for greater industry consistency to achieve a safer work environment and to remove inefficiencies.

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