In the recent news and publication, many reports have appeared-telling us that some people around Sukowati Drilling Pad exposed by H2S toxic gas and the exposure people got hospitalization. Since 2006 at JOB PPEJ Sukowati field, recorded four incidents in the base line H2S. All of the incidents occur during the drilling activities. JOB PPEJ, BPMigas, and Ditjen Migas spends a lot of energy, time and money in dealing the problem both with community, news paper, and related government.

JOB PPEJ is located in Bojonegoro & Tuban, East Java. The main operation areas concentrated and living in proximity with the community. H2S content in each producing well has a variety 0.6 – 3.8%. Successfully production & exploration within H2S environment started on 1996 at Mudi Field and the year of 2000 starting to explore Sukowati Field.

Hydrogen sulfide presents is a potential hazard. To ensure protection against exposure, JOB PPEJ was applying H2S safety management to protect public health and safety. As part of harmonization, The Local District Disaster Mitigation Task Force Plan (PKDB, Penanggulangan Keadaan darurat & Bahaya) is also initiated into contingency plan. PKDB Team works under Bupati direction to accompany JOB PPEJ operations which is the team consists of Local Government, Army, and Polri, and each of Kepala Desa/Camat.

All of H2S incident at Sukowati Field become big issue written by journalist since the location vicinity to the community area then information access is very easy and fully open. Based on hospitalization data caused by those incidents, only a few persons in the village and or in a house complain or feel and affected by the bad smell, they in illness condition, old, pregnant condition, and suffer from a disease. They hospitalize only in a few days then back home. No one irritant symptom as H2S main effect. If so expose by H2S, the first receiver is JOB PPEJ personnel whom work in drilling rig area.

With unique condition and non technical aspect of H2S environment, now JOB PPEJ with BPMigas and Ditjen Migas were working on it to review, evaluate, and implement both technical and non technical aspect on where drilling rig working on vicinity area. Conveying with this program, socialization to the journalist and Police about Migas activities was being in progressed to solve the current and potential issue refers to previous incident.

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