In the industry of Japan, in order to prevent human error, the following three techniques are practiced widely.

  1. YUBI SASHI KOSYO (Point and Call)

    This action prevents human error by lengthening an arm, by pointing firmly for an object and by calling in the voice which clarified.

  2. KIKEN YOCHI (Danger Prediction) Training

    This training aims at pointing out the risk of the work for a short time, and establishing the measure before work.

  3. HIYARI HATTO (Near Miss) report

    This report releases dangerous experience under work or drive, and aims to alert to other men.

Also in oil and gas industry of Japan, since these methods are generally practiced, it introduces.

Moreover, since the HIYARI HATTO map which utilized the HIYARI HATTO report is created and used uniquely in our company, it is introduced also.

The worker is able to show the dangerous factor and risk under work for every place and every work on a photograph, and to perform a forecast of danger before work by HIYARI HATTO map. The disaster in the recent years of our company is decreasing dramatically by using these techniques.

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