The contamination of oil and gas processing equipment with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) bearing scales can present a radiological hazard in addition to restricted operability. NORM contaminated equipment cannot be released for sale or re-use as it has enhanced levels of radioactivity, which can lead to exposure of workers, the general public and the environment, if not managed appropriately1 .

Part of a successful NORM management strategy is the ability to decontaminate equipment which has become contaminated with NORM. The removal of relatively insoluble NORM scale, which has become adhered to equipment surfaces, requires aggressive agitation of the surface to remove it. The control of NORM contamination removed from contaminated equipment and the protection of workers during the decontamination process are achieved primarily by engineering controls, however, these must be supported by administrative procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE).

This paper details the design, fabrication and operation of a mobile NORM decontamination facility and lessons learned in a demonstration trial where it was successfully used to remove NORM contamination.

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