In the present work, simple-to-use correlation, which is simpler than current available models involving a large number of parameters, requiring more complicated and longer computations, has been developed for the prediction of transport properties (namely viscosity and thermal conductivity) of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a function of pressure and temperature. The adjusted coefficients of correlation have been optimized through an efficient and reliable algorithm by minimizing the standard deviation of predicted values in comparison with the reported reference data by solving the system of equations. The proposed method to develop correlation appears to be superior owing to its accuracy and clear numerical background, wherein the relevant coefficients can be retuned if more data are available in the future. The correlation developed accurately works for temperatures between 260 K and 450 K as well as pressures between 8 and 70 MPa which is the range of pressure that is widely considered in carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration. Results have been compared with the reported reference data and excellent agreement has been obtained between the predicted results and observed values. The average absolute deviations were found to be 2 and 2.5 percent for viscosity and thermal conductivity of carbon dioxide respectively.

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