Schlumberger Indonesia provides wide range of services in oil and gas industry. From Schlumberger activities in local facilities generate amount of wastes that are categorized hazardous wastes. Schlumberger Indonesia has commitment to improving the hazardous waste disposal using environmental friendly disposal method.

The common hazardous waste disposal method in Indonesia is incineration, stabilization and secures landfill. This method is not integrated, generates new category of waste (example: toxic gas, ash residue and leach ate), new environmental impact1 and require high operational cost.

Based on author cognition, only exiguous integrated hazardous waste Disposal Company obtain operation license from the MOE and provide service covering the waste transportation, collection, application, processing and pilling3.

This paper describes how Schlumberger Indonesia efforts to explore and examine processes in other industries, which can utilize to improve hazardous waste disposal. From several available alternatives and after careful considerations, then decided high temperature in cement kiln is the best disposal method.


Schlumberger Indonesia provided resources to find alternative of the hazardous waste disposal method to improve environmental performance. The average of hazardous waste generated 541,078 litters per year, the list of hazardous waste shown in table 2.

The integrated hazardous waste diposal alternative has to comply with the following Indonesia government requirements:

  • Opeting license for hazardous waste management from the MOE4;

  • Hazardous waste storage license from the MOE5;

  • Wastewater discharge license from environmental body;

  • Hazardous waste transportation license from the Department of Transportation6.

Schlumberger Indonesia examined to find disposal method options that comply to mineral and energy recovery requirements from the MOE regulation number 02 year 20087.

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