Noise is one of hazards in Oil and Gas Company. It is managed thru Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) which mainly consists of workplace noise measurement, noise dose calculation for HCP member (personnel intentionally exposed to noise hazard) or noise exposure, Noise control (Engineering Control, Administrative Control, and Hearing Protection Device), Training and socialization, Audiometric testing and evaluation program. Letter assigning HCP Committee and issuance of procedure for HCP have been issued as a proove of support from Management.

It is recently developed INASyst® software (Integrated Noise Assessment System) to support the program which provides some essential noise features such as, Noise Mapping, Noise Source measurement analysis, Noise Dose Calculation, HPD (Hearing Protection Device) Selection, Noise Criteria Calculation. The noise simulation program, on the other hand, will also allow prior analysis to the planned alteration on noise source hence noise levels at the working places. Therefore early precaution and action plan concerning the HCP can be appropriately prepared

In health surveillance aspect, Audiometric test is performed regularly refers to the procedure and evaluated together with ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist for early detection of the Noise Induced Hearing Loss. All Audiometric test result is entried into database. For improving employees awareness related to Noise, Similar Exposure Group health talk is performed using variety tools (Playing games/animation) by Medical Staff and regularly by ENT Specialist with the topic Noise effect, Noise control and the appropriateness useful of ear protector. The program evaluation was performed by elements program inspection and also presented to the management for continuous improvement

Hearing Conservation Program in Oil and Gas Company.

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