Natural degradation of crude oil is very slow and might take several years to be degraded. However, its impact on the environment will last as long as neither treatment nor solutions are undertaken. When further migration of crude oil is occurring, it will harm the soil and might contact the subsurface water or groundwater. The most relevant in that respect would be the type of fluids (Contaminants), mode of fluid transport, type of soil, environmental importance of the concerned sites, and weathering effect. Therefore, the main objectives of this study are investigation and observation of crude oil migration as toxic fluid, its penetration, and weathering effect.

Achievement of the abovementioned objectives necessitates the design of an experimental model. This model consists of two separated columns, which were filled with soil and other types of rocks. One setup column contains soil in dry condition (dry system); while the other was filled with soil material in wet conditions (wet system).

During its progress, crude oil penetration was recorded versus time by taking soil samples, whereas water samples were collected from the wet system. This was aimed to report a possible migration of hydrocarbons dissolved in water.

Results show that the penetration depth was more performed in wet system during early stages rather than in dry system. However, with time this progress becomes more developed in both systems. Based on observation, it is important to notify that the duration of this progress will last for long time in dry system. However, the overall penetration at final stage has been found significantly higher in the dry system. In addition, it was observed that during crude oil migration in dry system, chromatographic separation of crude oil components has occurred obviously.

The obtained results reveal that immediate treatment action has to be performed in both systems with particular attention to the wet system, owing to its high initial penetration rate.

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