Historically, marine vessel support has played an important role in the offshore E & P industries. Especially, present increased of E & P activities but less number of ships in the market. The increased activity has an added on effect to marine vessel workload i.e. more frequent cargo trips with less time in port. Also marine vessel stay out longer at sea, subsequently, crew has less relaxation time and ship has less maintenance time. This will eventually resulted in a breakdown of ship and degradation of crew morale. As a consequence, the marine operation near miss incident trends has been increasing. To counteract this trend, it requires a close scrutiny and well-manage program to divert this marine vessel operating degradation.

Marine Subcontractor management is considered a paramount in achieving Health, Safety and Environment Objective and ensuring safe marine operation. To achieve these goals, a recent company standard was implemented to ensure marine operation safety and manage marine vessels as per the contractual terms and conditions and some satisfactory outcome has initially materialized i.e. less marine near miss incidents.

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