Despite good intentions and goodwill from both sides, the contractor and client relationship often acts as a obstruction to targeted improvement in safety performance. Removing this obstruction will result in an excellent opportunity to achieve a safety goal and increase work performance. Both client and contractor have their own safety standards. How then, do we enhance this client-contractor relationship to create a common understanding among the different companies in an operation in order to meet the set safety requirement?

A Contractor Forum is held annually to discuss each contractor's initiation plan and KPI, whilst the client or company discloses to contractors its safety objective and requests contractor for cooperation in order to fulfil this obligation.

A new approach to reduce the client-contractor stumbling block is to look for and analyse the real problems and jointly formulate a solution to improve the overall safety performance. A survey questionnaire of what the obstacles are and how the client can assist to overcome these obstacles was given out. The workshop was conducted based on the findings. The positive feedback from these questionnaires has been valuable and practical in enhancing the client-contractor relationship, creating mutual 'ownership' and responsibility of safety goals, which ultimately lead to a significant improvement in safety performance.


Effective safety management in the Twenty-first Century involves paying attention to human factors as system components which have as much potential to cause, or save, dangerous system states, as technical components. By paying attention to human factors, high reliability organizations can identify and capture potential hazards before they manifest as accidents. There is a general consensus in the industry that safety improvements require a focus on also improving the integrity of;

  • Work processes and equipment.

  • Safety management systems, with a focus on people's behaviour.

  • Good team practices can be applied to the loss control/HSE practices within any organization and its main contractors.

  • An outline strategy is presented for the team to instil a culture of effective loss control/ HSE practices into their organisation, together with some additional suggestions that the team can take towards excellence.

In order to remove obstacles and get better safety performance, all of the above must be incorporated. One approach was the SSHE Contractor Forum programme. SSHE Corporate is the organizer and the Contract holder, or client, is co-host. The SSHE Contractor Forum focuses on Contract holder (client) and Contractor".

The Contractor Forum is a tool under monitoring in one of seven elements in PTTEP's SSHE Management System. It is a source of reference information for audit - element number seven in PTTEP's SSHE Management System (OGP HSE Management System).

The main objectives of the Contractor Forum are;

  • To show contractors PTTEP's commitment to SSHE.

  • To involve contractors in HSE, by demonstrating their SSHE initiative plans and KPIs, and presenting its previous safety performances.

  • To improve contractor's HSE performance.

  • To further enhance PTTEP's HSE performance as a whole.

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