PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP, takes its social responsibility under the conception of "From Underground Asset to Wisdom" in conducting the social and community development programmes.

In collaboration with the Population and Community Development Association, named as PDA, PTTEP has been supporting the farmer’s career development programme in northeastern Thailand since 1996. The target area is Tambon Kok Klang, Amphoe Lumplaimas, Changwat Burirum which comprises of 16 villages, where there is no irrigation system in the area and the rice farming depends only on the seasoning rain water. The farmers can grow rice once a year and the productivity is lower than average, which could not cover the costs of farming in some drought year. This is the very limited condition that makes most of the farmers becoming less opportunity group in the country.

In 1996, PTTEP began with the experimental farming to improve the red jasmine rice breeding in able to resist the rice disease and drought. Meanwhile, with the assistance of the Thai Rice Foundation, we worked together to study the fundamental problems in order to get the proper solutions of problem solving for establishing the objectives of the project.

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