IIF is not another safety related system. IIF is about addressing the human side of safety, where the objective and the subjective elements are equally important.

CUEL is a construction company with daily workforce of around 2000 workers engaged in offshore platform design, fabrication and installation. We are embarking on a journey of an Incident and Injury Free program (IIF) to improve our safety performance. CUEL’s vision is to be a construction company with an incident and injury free workplace, where safety is a core value alongside other business values like Quality or Integrity. CUEL wants to build safety a culture where each individual chooses to work safely and having zero incidents is not a target but a reality.

To become incident and injury free, CUEL has started to turn around the organization’s mentality by integrating safety aspects into the business culture. The IIF program began by provoking both a personal and organizational commitment to working safely and then continued by creating trustworthy relationships from across top management to workers at shopfloor. Leadership plays a key role in this process to make everyone’s actions consistent with the commitment to eliminate incident and worker injury. The distinction between management and leadership must be understood. Leadership development has been facilitated through external and internal coaching.

The first phase of the program implementation was from July 2006 to January 2007. The program evaluation conducted after the first six month implementation showed a positive shift in safety mentality of the workforce at the LCB Yard. Safety has started to be part of the open communication among workers whereby more safety concerns have been raised, reporting of minor first aid has increased, and near-miss reporting is encouraged.

CUEL has to thank its Board of Directors, major clients and stakeholders, who value safety and believe in an incident free environment, for giving support to CUEL management to continue on this IIF journey.

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