Effective Management of Quality, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) is not only a regulatory and ethical issue; there are also sound economic reasons for it. ONGC is a company involved in the complete chain of hydrocarbon business from exploration to marketing. As a major player in the global competitive market, ONGC has always recognized its responsibility towards effective management of QHSE in the organization.

In the year 2002, Neelam & Heera Asset in the Western Offshore field came up with a unique innovation. They realized that the control of all three aspects is done principally by the same management principles and integration of these aspects in an overall management system could be highly efficient and effective and may lead to synergy. Moreover, acquiring simultaneous certifications will also result in a substantial saving in time, effort and money. Based on this conviction, an integrated QHSE management system was developed and adopted for the first time by the Asset. The commitment of ONGC management to get the organization to the level of the best in the industry spurred it to take a significant decision. It was decided that all the operations of ONGC would acquire certification for integrated QHSE management system by March, 2005. The task was daunting but the success would catapult the organization in the midst of the best in business, as no organization had attempted such a move till then.

More than 400 installations spread all over India both offshore and onshore were taken up for certification. It was decided to use in house expertise instead of external consultants for the job as it was felt that persons with knowledge and experience about the organization’s working can save on time. By 31st March, 2005 more than 98% of the total work centers of ONGC succeeded in getting certified for integrated QHSE management system. The commitment of the employees from all over the organization to the new system was underlined with all the certified work centers successfully going through the surveillance audit in the following year.

Implementation of the integrated QHSE management system in totality is a major step by ONGC towards an era of safe, responsible and quality work culture. This will make all the individuals aware about their responsibility towards themselves, the organization and the society at large and benefit the organization enormously in business and social acceptance.

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