Differently from many other activities in O&G industry, particularly those referred to QHSE, Health management has not been standardised yet across the sector. Only lately major initiatives are being undertaken at industry associations' levels (i.e. Oil and Gas Producers Association, IPIECA, International Marine Contractors Association) to line up the companies, Oil companies and contractors involved in the business, on this issue.

Saipem, as on of the biggest upstream contractors, is working world wide often facing situations where different Clients operating in the same country or area have similar but yet different health related requirements, or that the same Client operating in different countries in is having different approach towards health issues management. In this condition and circumstances it becomes extremely difficult, complicated, time and money consuming for the contractor to satisfy the Client and to manage the subcontractors.

That is why, approximately a decade ago, Saipem took the decision to establish its' own health management standards that will represent the minimum bellow which, regardless contractual requirements, the company will not go and will make it recognisable among both Clients and competitors. The results of this ongoing and never-ending process are as follows.

When it comes to the subject of health and safety at work, Saipem strategy aims at the maintainment and continous improvement of employee's psycho-physical wellbeing, this being considered the most valuable asset in the company's competitive development.

Only an employee in good health, integrated within a safe production process and a healthy working environment, can work in a profitable manner, reducing to a minimum the risk of contracting professional disease or incurring injury.

Continuous health assistance and surveillance, especially in the case of employees with particular health problems, ensure that the employee feels fully covered and sufficiently integrated within the working process.

Acquired experience together with continuous collation with its customers has lead to Saipem developing a highly innovative, efficient, reliable and complete in-house health management system.

This system, readily applicable to the situation in which the company operates, guarantees: client satisfaction, cost effectiveness and local content.

Furthermore it contributes to reinforcing the company's image, creating a strong competitive advantage when facing the competition.

Saipem Med is a service composed of an international and local health staff directed by an Overseas Health Manager, a member of the QHSE Manager's Team and co-ordinated by specific professionals - the health co-ordinators.

The latter are delegated with the running of the health management system at a worldwide level.

The health co-ordinators are trained to guarantee the various local health centres sustainable development and are ready to support and assist the company's business management.

It is the Saipem Med policy that no one works isolated. At any one moment, everyone can rely on a multi-layered assistance network capable of assuring and monitoring individual training and professional development. The selected and trained staff is called upon to work in the company's medical centres spread throughout its operating sites all over the world.

These facilities respect precise standards regarding their fitting out and the supply of specific medical equipment, following the procedures and guidelines of the international oil and Gas industry, whilst respecting local laws and standards to the full.

Among the department's main activities are the producing, processing, diffusion distribution and revision of standard documents relative to the health management:, guidelines,, procedures and working instructions within the various organisational levels (Project, business, company).

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