Saipem is one of the biggest contractor company in Oil and Gas industry. Within it's organisation, and as part of the QHSE, Saipem has developed an in-house medical department, whose main objective, apart the management of medical emergencies, is prevention, health protection and promotion. In order to make these principals available and applicable at all 119 working site scattered world wide Saipem decided to initiate and develop the implementation of e-medicine in its daily operations. The aim of Saipem's e- medicine project is to provide assistance to physicians working in remote areas, where medical equipment is often the basic one and the local health care system is mostly rudimentary. Groups like Saipem have a very high percentage of International employees working in foreign countries, as well as local staff. In sites like offshore drilling platforms or desert production fields, it is often difficult to manage health care needs and prevention. Local surveys are carried out before any operations in a new region begin, in order to evaluate:

  1. Local medical - epidemiological issues with data relating to the morbidity and mortality of the main endemic pathologies.

  2. geographical and environmental risk factors.

  3. Risk factors related to the operational activities.

  4. Hygiene conditions in the workplace, accommodation, recreational areas, canteen, stores and warehouses.

  5. Supply, conservation and distribution of food and water.

  6. Waste disposal.

  7. Availability, accessibility, effectiveness, quality and reliability of local medical facilities and local doctors.

  8. Management of medical emergencies and medical evacuations.

  9. Impact and effect of industrial activities on the health of local community.

Saipem ensure healthcare and medical assistance to its workforce by means of agreements with local health facilities responding to the Corporate's Minimum Standards of quality, partnership with International Companies operating in the same area and in - house setting and running its own health programs and its own medical facilities.

The model of Saipem's Physician for remote locations is to be the ALL OLOGIST (Medical Officer, Hygienist, Traumatologist, Cardiologist, etc.). This is not possible but Saipem Med for a better support to all Medical team worldwide is developing a new approaches that is practical, innovative, imaginative and ambitious. Implementing the existing corporate health related projects, (e- medicine, Gipsi, e - learning), new information & communication technologies (ICT) can help to overcome the physical and cultural distances among the individual operators, standardize procedures and methods in health management, increase the efficiency of the services and encourage the sharing of knowledge by:

  1. Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs

  2. Real - Time medical Information: GIPSI (Gestione Informatica Prestazioni Sanitarie Individuali) is an house created software especially developed to meet Saipem Med requirements throughout its organization and its scope: Health Monitoring. It is a coded and protected application fully assuring medical confidentiality and individuals' privacy. The program allows management of all health related medical data concerning Individual health, Related Medical Costs, Quality of living standards, related Medical statistics.

  3. Medical Specialist support for Emergency and consultation.

Targets of e-Medicine project is:

  1. A Corporate model to support the Company Physician's activity in the operational sites in Italy and abroad.

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