The lifestyle related disorders are the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Malaysia. The development of these diseases such as ischaemic heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes is significantly attributed by unhealthy lifestyles. The shift from traditional infectious diseases to these `modern diseases’ is mainly caused by changes in lifestyle patterns and increase in the aging population in Malaysia.

Smoking, lack of exercise and fast food are now becoming very much a part of our culture. Many workers are obese and medically unfit and they impose a huge burden on company’s annual budget. Apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle at the national level, a systematic approach to managing this issue must be done at the industry level. An integrated medical programme using a `Therapeutic Lifestyles Changes (TLC)’ strategy has been designed to alleviate this issue. The objective of this programme is to reduce the identified risks by monitoring the progress and effectiveness of intervention parameters and to manage them accordingly once the deranged intervention parameters are identified. Emphasis is given on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle comprising a healthy diet, weight control and increased physical activity. The programme is conducted by a team of expert in various disciplines like occupational health physician, dietician and fitness instructor.

The overall risk of cardiovascular disease and its co-morbidities is very alarming. It is hoped that the Corporate Personal Health Management Programme can benefit the participants.

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