To further assist in the improvement of our employees’ heart and health awareness, our Cardiovascular Disease Health Program was enhanced using the Heart Risk Assessment as a tool in educating and identifying contributing risk factors of the employees.


All employees were invited to undergo Heart Risk Assessment using Framingham Heart Risk Scoring. The parameters used in this scoring are Gender, Age, BP, Smoking History, Total cholesterol and HDL and if in medication for hypertension. Results were discussed to employees individually. Those employees with moderate to high risk scores and those diagnosed with hypertension even with low risk score were monitored for six months. Health education, nutrition counseling, referrals to smoking cessation program and fitness program were done. Repeat Heart Risk Assessment was done to target employees only after six months.


403 (96.4%) employees participated in the screening program with the following results: 339 (84.12%) employees with low risk scores; 46 (11.41%) employees with moderate risk and 18 (4.47%) employees with high risk scores. Based on the result, 132 employees were encouraged to enroll in the company's CVD Program. These were those employees with moderate (46 or 34.85%) and high risk (18 or 13.64%) heart risk assessment scores and those employees diagnosed with hypertension but with low risk (68 or 51.52%) scores.

All enrolled employees were monitored on the following parameter: BP, Lipid profile, weight and compliance to medication. Health education was provided to all. They were also encouraged to participate in the company's other wellness programs such as: DM Progran Fitness Program, Nutrition program and Smoking Cessation program.

104 (78.78%) out of 132 target employees have a repeat HRA after six months. The following were the findings: 55 (52.88%) employees with low risk scores, moderate risk 33 (31.73%), high risk 16 (15.38%). There were 9 (8.65%) employees who improved their HRA scores, 77 (74.03%) employees with the same score and 18 (17.31%) employees with higher risk score. The most common causes of the higher risk scores were smoking and elevated cholesterol levels.


Heart Risk Screening and the company's CVD Program were well participated by the employees. This could be due to heightened interest, health awareness of the employees and the enthusiasm of the Health and Medical Staff in promoting health. To improve employees’ health status, more efforts should be directed to encourage lifestyle modification and implementation of significant health programs.

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