To improve employees' interest and participation on the fitness program and maximize utilization of the company's fitness gym equipment, the company's aerobics program was improved to a new fitness program that emphasized cardio- endurance exercise and overall muscle conditioning.


The program was offered to all employees targeting those who were under the cardiovascular/diabetes programs and with weight problems. Lecture on the Benefits of Exercise Nutrition were conducted by the Health & Medical Services. Enrollees were referred to a nutritionist for dietary prescription. A demonstration and return-demonstration of body exercises were facilitated. A two-week daily close monitoring on proper exercise execution was observed to assure efficiency and safety of the training.

Each enrollee has an individual 3-month exercise program developed. The 20-minute aerobics exercise or an equivalent exercise/activity is to be done at least three times per week alternate with weight training exercises for 45 minutes to an hour.

A Fitness Diary was designed and given to each participant as a guide to track their progress after the two-week rigid hands-on training. Participants were advised to visit the clinic on a weekly basis to review their compliance and deficiencies on the program. A baseline measurement of an employee's HRA and weight were taken before the start of the program and after three months.


Thirty-seven employees voluntarily enrolled to the 1st batch of the company's Fitness Program. Out of 37 volunteers, 33 employees completed the program. Compliance - 10 (30.3%) had good compliance to the exercise schedule; 17 (51.5%) with declining compliance or intermittent exercise after two months of good compliance; and 6 (18%) had skipped the weight training portion of the fitness program. HRA results

- 2 employees (6%) have improved their heart risk score; (from moderate to low); 29 (88%) have maintained their risk score; and 2 (6%) had higher scores. Weight - 19 employees (57.5%) have improved from their baselines; 7 (21.2%) have maintained and 7 (21.2%) gained weight.


The enhanced UPI fitness program was well received and more appreciated by the employees, specifically the enrollees. Improved attendance of employees utilizing the fitness gym was noticeably significant. The program is more flexible compared to the previous aerobics program, thus employees were able to perform the prescribed exercises in the company's fitness gym and can also do the exercise program at a local gym or even at their own home. Improvements or reinforcement to sustain participation: strict adherence to the prescribed diet by the participants; an improved monitoring compliance of the parameters; a bigger gym area to accommodate more employees; training for other nurses as gym facilitators; and incentives to enrollees are strongly recommended.

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