For years forestry practice has not been conducted wisely per applicable regulation and standard which in turn create significant long term impact to the surrounding forestry areas as well as disturb the long term sustainable growth of the forest that finally impacted the community life and biodiversity of the area.

Tangguh LNG Facilities is located in production forest on Bintuni Bay Regency, Papua, Indonesia. Total land purchased by project is 3266ha. Construction of the facilities requires the clearing of some 800 ha production forest and the remaining area of about 2400 ha will be maintained as buffer zone area. Perimeter fence will be developed to protect the buffer zone area. Construction of the facilities in such area with rich biodiversity is a challenging effort particularly to minimize the impacts to the surrounding forests in compliance with the Indonesian and international regulation and standards, and to ensure the biodiversity protection and environmental protection of the forest area.

To achieve the objectives, Tangguh LNG Project develops and implements the tree cutting and land clearing plan to comply with the Indonesia applicable regulations and International best practice including the implementation of Reduced Impact Logging Guidelines for Indonesia. The plan developed by forestry experts and implemented with full supervision from project team. A number of compliance checklists have been developed to ease the implementation of the plan which also helps to track any deviation of the implementation to the said plan.

With the implementation of such plan up to the current stage of the project, minimization of impact to the surrounding area could be achieved and it is expected that in overall the project activities and the operation of the facilities could minimize the negative impact and maximize its positive impact to the area. This will harmonize the existence of the facilities with the surrounding environment so Industrial facilities are not perceived anymore as the major source of environmental impact.

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